Learn How to Profit and Protect Capital in a Bear Market

2022 has been a very volatile year in both the stock and bond markets.

We sold out of high growth stocks at the end of 2021, moved to 50% cash in February and booked gains in positions last week at +70% and +86%.

Our subscribers were alerted of these moves in real time. 

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Last week, in a sharp market selloff, we booked position gains of 70% and 86%.

We helped subscribers avoid 60% plus declines in Facebook, Netflix and other high growth stocks, by posting a full technical sell alert, last November.

In February 2022, we told our subscribers that we were going to a 55%+ cash balance, BEFORE major market declines.

5 days before the major June market lows we told subscribers to be on alert for a major oversold market reversal.

Here are some of our best technical alerts in 2022, shared with our subscribers on a daily basis:
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Hold more cash.

Use stop losses.

Put options.

Learn to use the 200-day MA.

Smaller position sizing.

Scale gains and raise stops.

Don’t average down.

Take it slow.

Technical indicators.

Be objective.

Don’t go all-in.

No safe havens.

A good company is not alqays a good stock.