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Our Best Market Calls

We sold stocks in February 2020.
We bought the lows in March 2020.
We started buying cyclicals in June 2020.

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Blue Chip Daily Trend Report

Blue Chip Daily Trend Report is a leading financial markets Trading, Information and Education publication and website, sent every business day by 6:00am EST via email and posted on our Members website, plus 24/7 access to our premium Twitter Feed.

We provide high-level technical and trend analysis of major global markets, large cap stocks and high-volume ETFs with daily technical buy and sell ideas. We focus on major trends and intermediate to longer-term upside opportunities, as well as exit strategies and risk management ideas.

Our core universe covers over 750 global large cap leaders, such as Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, AMD, Bank of America, Caterpillar, Exxon Mobil, Facebook, Google, J.P. Morgan, Merck, Microsoft, Netflix, Shopify, Tesla, Visa, and Wal Mart, among others, and 30 core macro ETFs across a variety of markets.

We also devote a considerable amount of time to daily Education and Development, with a focus on rules-based trading methods, risk management concepts, technical signals and developing a longer-term mindset. We do this daily in posts and videos on our premium Twitter feed, in our daily markets videos and in weekly Education and Development videos and blog posts, all exclusively for our Members.

Daily Updates

  • Exclusive access to Larry's Premium Members-Only Twitter feed, with market commentary and charts throughout the day.
  • Real-time email notification & Twitter updates of any new positions taken
  • 24/7 access to our real-time performance tracking spreadsheet of all positions & posted ‘Best Ideas’
  • The Daily Trend Report, sent by 6:00am EST every business day and posted to our members website
  • High-level daily charts
  • Technical commentary & trend analysis of major markets and stocks
  • Daily technical buy signals with stop levels & risk-management sell signals
  • Charts of Interest’, up to 4 charts of stocks & ETFs that fit our technical criteria
  • ‘Chart of the Day’, best technical idea for the day
  • A 15 minute daily video to recap the day’s market activity and charts.

Weekly Updates

  • The Weekly Trend Report, sent by 12:00pm noon EST every Sunday and posted to our members website
  • High-level weekly charts
  • Technical commentary & weekly trend analysis of major markets and stocks
  • The ‘Blue Chip Top 30’ - a portfolio tracker of our 30 best large cap ideas
  • Tech Stocks Only Video – a 15 minute video analysis of our 40 stock Tech Tracking List
  • Weekly top 10 ranked large cap stocks, and top 10 ranked technology stocks
  • Weekly ETF trend alerts - a weekly trend analysis of 30 core ETFs. Our core trend analysis on each market, with a clear uptrend, downtrend or neutral rating.
  • Weekly ETF momentum ranking - our core 30 ETFs ranked from strongest to weakest, key sectors to focus on and sectors to avoid
  • A 20-minute weekly recap video which covers our technical overview of key markets, stocks and best ideas

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We do not focus on news, fundamental analysis, predictions or opinions – only charts.

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