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2022 Major Market Calls

Sell Growth into 2022

We started booking gains and selling high growth stocks in Q4 2021, before 60%+ declines in many growth stocks.

Energy Top Pick for 2022

We made the Energy sector our top pick going into 2022 and booked over 100% gains in the sector.

We Moved to 50%+ Cash in February

We alerted our subscribers that we were going to a 50%+ cash level at the end of February, which helped many avoid major declines.

We Called the June Lows

On June 12, we alerted our subscribers to be on watch for a major reversal in the S&P 500, after the FOMC June Meeting. The low for the year was that week.

Expect High Inflation for Longer

We alerted our subscribers, and publicly, to expect higher inflation for longer and not to expect a Fed pivot any time soon.

We Called the August Nasdaq 100 Rally

On July 22, we bought (QQQ) and alerted our subscribers to two bullish major technical signals in the Nasdaq 100. This preceded a +10.5% move higher over the following three weeks.

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Blue Chip Daily Trend Report is a leading financial markets Trading, Information and Education publication and website. Sent Monday-Thursday, after the market close, via email and posted on our Members website, plus 24/7 access to our premium Twitter Feed.

Our core universe covers over 750 global large cap leaders, such as Apple, Amazon, AMD, Bank of America, Bristol Myers, Chevron, Deere, Exxon Mobil, Facebook, Freeport McMoran, Google, Home Depot, J.P. Morgan, Merck, Microsoft, Nvidia, Shopify, Tesla, Visa, and Wal Mart, among others, and 40 core macro, index and sector ETFs across a variety of markets.

We cover all 11 S&P 500 sectors, with a consistent, disciplined technical process and trend focus. 

We also devote a considerable amount of time to daily education and development, with a focus on rules-based investing and trading methods, risk management concepts, technical signals and developing a longer-term mindset. We do this daily in posts and videos on our premium Twitter feed, in our daily markets videos and in weekly education and development videos and blog posts, all exclusively for our Members.

“We do not focus on predictions or opinions – we focus on price, charts and trends.”