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Larry @ Blue Chip Daily has really brought me a sense of comfort, and a truly great system for mid-longer term investing. I love the trend-following format, and Larry provides some great insights into different focus groups, as well as the market as a whole.

I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be sticking around for awhile. Great service, highly recommended.


My wife and I discarded the financial(stock/bond)adviser that manages our stock portfolio this year.
He was telling us to buy exactly when Larry said to get out.
Have followed Larry for a few years.
I can’t stress how much he’s helped us.
Thanks Larry
My wife has really gotten into investing.
Every nite it’s, “has Uncle Larry sent his nightly video”

Mo Kravecas MD

Blue Chip Daily does an excellent job of a rules based, unemotional view of the markets, including view of broad markets, sectors and individual stocks.

I enjoy Larry’s ego-less, direct, instructive style. When you’re being bombarded with too much information and dealing with all the emotions of investing, Larry provides a calm, easy to follow opinion of investing options to consider.

From everything I’ve seen over 25 years of investing, this is an excellent value.

peter vernier

Blue Chip Daily videos are a necessary part of my daily homework