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I was initially alerted by

I was initially alerted by twitter posts to Larry & Blue Chip Daily, and intrigued by the trend following based system. Having been a member for over a year now, I can tell you it is so much more than a simple trend following system!
If one pays attention to his daily market reviews, the wealth of instructional information is quite staggering.
Having watched and listened to every daily and weekly video, along with the additional periodic videos on specific market events, my appreciation of risk management, position sizing, stop positioning, entry and exit signals and set-ups has improved beyond belief – with a measurable and consistent effect on my trading.
In over 20 years of trading I have never been as consistent nor as profitable, and most importantly for me, is I understand WHY!
The lessons learnt and implemented and incorporated into my own style of trading have been transformational.
Truly an excellent service, delivered professionally and with a commitment that is inspiring!
Thoroughly and highly recommended.

Richard Farrell

I was so impressed with

I was so impressed with the content and extensive detailed analysis by Larry on Blue Chip that after one week I upgraded to the full year. It’s not just the content presented, but it is how it’s delivered, including the coverage of all sectors. I have been involved in the market for over 30 years and this is the first site that covers the market in a way I am looking for. Not focusing too much on the past, but forward looking and includes long, medium, short and speculative trades. Just plain common sense trading and always seems to be careful of the crazy turns the market can take. The daily reports are very impressive. Thank you!

Gerard Roth

I have watched Larry on

I have watched Larry on Twitter and received the Sunday trade email for six months. I am always hesitant to pay for a service when there are so many free services, and I already pay for services through RBC Dominion.

I decided to give it a try and bought a one-month subscription to see behind the “curtain.” The quality and quantity of the services(I don’t know when Larry sleeps) is well worth the fees. So far, I have pulled the trigger on three trades. One up a little, one down a little and one way up – I know a month is not indicative of any true returns, but it is nice to see I have made much more so far than I paid for the subscription.

The decision whether I should pay for the full year and give it a real test was made yesterday when I had time to go into the archives and see how he dealt with the February/March 2020 time frame. It was impressive, and I do not doubt if I had this service, then I would have saved myself the 30% drop that took eight months to overcome.

I encourage others to take the one month test. M


Larry, I appreciate your service

Larry, I appreciate your service and all the work you put into it. I appreciate the way you present your lists – which includes All the charts in one place And Text in addition to the videos for those of us who are time-challenged..! I appreciate your deep knowledge and your cool hand under different market conditions. I also appreciate your sector analysis and most importantly your quiet and unassuming mentoring. You got a great student in me. You really cover all the bases, and you’re my edge in the market. Since joining about a month or so ago not only is my account up substantially, but, more importantly, my market and stock behavior understanding is through the roof. Great job ????! Thank you!

Nick B

After testing out a lot

After testing out a lot of different types of services & newsletters, I can say that Larry is one of the more thoughtful people out there and has a unique focus on an intermediate timeframe, not daily or week to week short swing trades. It allows one to be opportunistic around return & managing risk while also not having to be tethered to a screen all day long, enabling me to continue to focus on my full time job.


Probably one of the best

Probably one of the best investment services out there, most definitely the best value for money. Outstanding discipline in views, clear communication, and always focused on the risk-reward balance. Does not leave any ideas without any updates, so you are always aware of the current view on any ideas that have been shared in the past. Also shares enough of his thinking to allow subscribers to learn for themselves also and apply the principles to other investment opportunities.

I have a couple of suggestions that may improve the already considerable value that Larry provides:
1. Provide stop and entry-level suggestions on any chart that is shared (whether best ideas, focus etfs, or any other list). He does clarify that anything on a list is actionable, however these further details, at least on the stops, would make life a lot simpler.
2. Maybe share some of his portfolio actions in the past (rough bear markets of 99 and 08, and strong bull markets) which worked for him and what did not, and how his investment thinking and process evolved and changed as a result.
3. More opportunities to interact with him, at the moment I am not sure how one reaches out to him with a comment or query.

The above is not meant to take away from the great service that Larry provides. It is by far the best service I have used for my investments, and I have used several. Highly recommended and remain a very satisfied and happy subscriber.


Larry, thank you so much

Larry, thank you so much for all your hard work. So glad I found your service. It’s the perfect fit for my personality and trading style. Along with the steady flow of great ideas, your commentary has a way of supporting my efforts to maintain a healthy trading mindset. Blue Chip Daily has become an important go to in my daily market routine, and I am truly grateful!

(I’ve periodically thought about writing you to express my appreciation for what you do, and your Twitter anniversary post prompted me to actually take the time to do so!)

Thanks again!

Carl Rudman

Excellent market reviews and ideas.

Excellent market reviews and ideas. Does a great job of screening for good stock setups on a longer term time frame. Market knowledge and information is excellent and works great as a mentor. Very responsive and super informative and helpful. Two giant thumbs up


I am simply amazed by

I am simply amazed by the time and effort that Larry puts into Blue Chip Daily Trend Report. The content he provides on a daily basis (with his Member Only Twitter updates, and Daily Trend Report) is very in-depth and detailed. Larry brings a no nonesense, sensible, direct, approach to his trading and his communcation to his members. It’s like having your own personal trading coach in the chair right next to you. I’m enjoying the membership, and have seen true results in just a couple of months. Thanks Larry!

Shane G.

Larry is simply the best.

Larry is simply the best. I learned a lot from him on risk management and position size. His disciplined approach is absolutely fantastic and more importantly, it works! I call him the calm voice of the market. His market videos are very educational and teaches you a lot. He added tremendous value to my investment style. Thank you Larry!


BCD remains the best value

BCD remains the best value available hands down. Larry’s professionalism, transparency, collaboration, education and presentation are unmatched and an essential weapon in the arsenal any Momentum/Trend Based investor. His disciplined approach and time frame have taught me more than any other investing professional. Forever grateful!

Derek Fulton

This is the best “hand

This is the best “hand holding” we have ever had take on the US markets. Larry is the “essence” of trend trading. We love his system, process, money management and psychology. If only we had followed him to the letter off the bottom of this crash. He has a gift of boiling everything down to exactly whats required to be seen and acted on. His Capital Risk Management is powerful. In a word – Larry = INTEGRITY.

Jon and Louise Q

Larry @ Blue Chip Daily

Larry @ Blue Chip Daily has really brought me a sense of comfort, and a truly great system for mid-longer term investing. I love the trend-following format, and Larry provides some great insights into different focus groups, as well as the market as a whole.

I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be sticking around for awhile. Great service, highly recommended.


My wife and I discarded

My wife and I discarded the financial(stock/bond)adviser that manages our stock portfolio this year.
He was telling us to buy exactly when Larry said to get out.
Have followed Larry for a few years.
I can’t stress how much he’s helped us.
Thanks Larry
My wife has really gotten into investing.
Every nite it’s, “has Uncle Larry sent his nightly video”

Mo Kravecas MD

this is an excellent value

Blue Chip Daily does an excellent job of a rules based, unemotional view of the markets, including view of broad markets, sectors and individual stocks.

I enjoy Larry’s ego-less, direct, instructive style. When you’re being bombarded with too much information and dealing with all the emotions of investing, Larry provides a calm, easy to follow opinion of investing options to consider.

From everything I’ve seen over 25 years of investing, this is an excellent value.

peter vernier

Blue Chip Daily videos are

Blue Chip Daily videos are a necessary part of my daily homework