Marty Zweig’s Investing Rules

See all 17 of Marty Zweig’s Investing Rules above, from a 1990 brokerage memo, and the 14 rules below that I apply on a daily basis. Marty Zweig was a legendary trader and investor who emphasized following price and trend, and is popularly known for two of his key market rules, which I subscribe to: “Don’t fight the tape” and “Don’t fight the Fed”.  His book “Winning On Wall Street” was one of the first investing/trading books that I ever read, having first read it in the early 1990’s.


1. The trend is your friend, don’t fight the tape.
2. Let profits run, take losses quickly.
5. The cheap get cheaper, the dear get dearer.
6. Don’t fight the Fed (less valid than #1).
8. Adapt to change.
9. Don’t let your opinion of what should happen, bias your trading strategy.
10. Don’t blame your mistakes on the market.
11. Don’t play all the time.
12. The market is not efficient, but is still tough to beat.
13. You’ll never know all the answers.
14. If you can’t sleep at night, reduce your positions or get out.
15. Don’t put too much (or any) faith in experts.
16. Don’t focus too much on short term information flows.
17. Beware “New Era” thinking, i.e. it’s different this time because… 

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