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Daily Updates

  • PREMIUM TWITTER PAGE: Exclusive access to Larry's Premium Members-Only Twitter feed, with market coverage starting at 8:00am, and top technical ideas for that day, actionable at the market and real-time intra-day buy and sell ideas with charts through the entire day.
  • REAL TIME TRADE ALERTS: Real-time email notification & Twitter updates of all trading account activity, both buys and sells with stop loss levels.
  • LARRY'S MORNING CALL: 5 - 10 of our best actionable technical Ideas coming into the day, in diversified industries.
  • THE CHART OF THE DAY: Our top technical idea coming into the day, posted and emailed every market day, pre-market.
  • DAILY TREND REPORT & VIDEO: Sent every evening, Monday - Thursday, with Larry's detailed markets recap for the day, plus analysis of major macro markets, open positions, and new buy list top technical ideas for the next day.
  • HIGH-LEVEL ACTIONABLE CHARTS: Our top technical ideas in large cap and mid cap stocks and ETFs, with detailed review.
  • FULL TRANSPARENCY: 24/7 access to our real-time performance tracking spreadsheet of all open positions & posted Buy List best ideas, with screenshots.

Weekly Updates

  • THE WEEKLY TREND REPORT & VIDEO: Sent by 12:00pm noon EST every Sunday and posted to our members website. Our detailed technical and trend overview of major markets and our ranking of top-performing stocks, industries and ETFs. S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, 10-year US Treasuries, Gold & Crude Oil, & our core focus, large cap stocks, plus our top ranked industries and sectors.
  • DETAILED SECTOR AND INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: Our top ranked S&P 500 sectors, and top stock ideas separated into large cap, mid cap, high yield and high beta growth ideas.
  • THE TOP 25 WEEKLY BUY LIST: Published every Sunday by noon, with a brief video. Our top 25 large cap stock ideas, in diversified industries, actionable at the market.
  • MID CAP BEST IDEAS BUY LIST: Our top 20 mid cap stocks for the week, diversified by industry and actionable at the market.
  • NEW! HIGH GROWTH LIST - By Member request, our top ranked technical high beta, high growth ideas, focused on high growth potential stocks, most often in technology, healthcare, e-commerce, clean energy and online retail.
  • WEEKLY MARKET'S VIDEO: Larry's best for the week. A 25-minute weekly Market Analysis, Trend Analysis and Best Technical ideas video. Our top actionable technical ideas.
  • WEEKLY ETF TREND REPORT -Our core 35 ETFs ranked from strongest to weakest, key sectors to focus on and sectors to avoid. Also, our Top 10 ETF trends.