Blue Chip Daily Chart of the Week

Blue Chip Daily Chart of the Week:
Carrier Global, CARR
Close: $31.23
Stop level for position traders and investors: $27.48
please see chart analysis below

  • Carrier (CARR) is in a technical uptrend above the rising 20, 50 and 100-day moving averages, indicating an uptrend on multiple time frames.
  • CARR was recently spun off from RTX and does not have a 200-dma as of yet.
  • CARR reached a new all-time high last week, and made a weekly closing high, showing above average relative strength and testing an upside breakout.
  • The rising 50-sma is a key intermediate term trend gauge.
  • CARR first went onto our Weekly Buy List for Members on 5/24/20 at $19.05 and is +63% since then.
  • CARR has been on our Weekly Buy List 11 times since 5/24/20, and is on this week’s Top 25 list as well.
  • Disclosure: I am currently long CARR.
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Have a great week,

Larry Tentarelli




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