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We Bought The July 20th Pullback – Here’s Why.

We bought the July 20 market pullback, as shared with our Members in real time and alerted them to extremely oversold market conditions, just off the market lows.

The consensus view in the media and on social media was that the markets were headed lower. We detailed for our Members and on our public Twitter page that this was a constructive and buyable technical pullback.

7/19/21 after the close and 7/20/21 pre-market.

7/20/21 QQQ pullback buy, full sized position, just off the lows.

7/19/21, near the exact lows, alerting Members that the selling in mega caps could be a final correction before the move higher – which occurred the very next morning.
7/19/21 Setting the stage for a pullback buy.
7/19/21 Growth stocks turning up early.

7/15/21 Alerting Members that any QQQ consolidation over the 340-345 level would be a standard pullback and not cautionary.

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