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Video: The Software Stock Breakout – Blue Chip Daily Members Were Well Ahead of It, Here’s Why

The recent breakouts in the software sector, to new all-time highs for many, have been very powerful and extremely profitable for those who have been positioned correctly. Software and IT Services has been one of our top ranked sectors since we started scaling back into the equity markets in mid-March, as outlined here:

We cover this group daily, in our Core Tech charts daily video and have provided our subscribers with consistent Software analysis and technical trade alerts since mid-March, as evidenced below. Our top idea has been $SHOP, currently at +72% since going on our best ideas list.

We focus on a consistent, disciplined process daily, based on price, price trend, moving averages and risk-management. We have avoided the focus on news, predictions or market calls, and as a result have produced many ideas for our subscribers that have drastically outperformed this year. Every posted Best Idea also has a stop-risk level posted as well.

Below is an outline of our technical analysis and commentary of the Software sector over the last 6 weeks, with real-time screenshots.

4/19/20 Highlighting software leaders at buy points, $NOW, $PYPL, $CRM and $TEAM. 3 have made new all-time highs since then.

5/04/20 Reiterating Software as our top focus group, going into what turned out to be a very strong week as $NOW, $SHOP, $TEAM, $OKTA and $VEEV all made new all time highs this week.


4/01/20 Chart of the Day at $58, currently $73, +25%.

5/06/20 Members profit scale alert at +24%.

4/01/20 at $58


3/23/20 Highlighting $DOCU as a top technical idea, $DOCU was $83 at the time.

3/24/20 Chart of the Day Best idea in the mid 80’s, currently $117, +41%.

4/03 Alerting of $DOCU uptrend continuation at $85, +40% from here.


4/30/20 $105 uptrend alert, +11% from here.

3/24/20 at $87



3/20/20 $MSFT our Chart of the Day best technical idea buy list, mid-$140s, currently at $184, +28%.

3/26/20 Opened long position in $MSFT under $152, currently +21% from here.

3/20/20 at $142


4/15/20 Chart of the Day at $302, currently $376, +24%, and traded up to $387 today.


4/18/20 Alerting of weekly momentum improving at $299, currently $376.


4/20/20 Opened a long position under 302, currently $376, +24%.


4/29/20 Holding into earnings at $318, now $376.

4/20/20 at $301


We alerted members on consecutive days, April 8 and April 9, by putting $SHOP on our Best Ideas list intraday and the next days Chart of the Day list.

$SHOP is currently at $711, +72% since our alerts.


4/09/20 Chart of the Day best idea, $410, currently $711, in under 30 days.

4/09/20 at $414



5/01/20 Alerting Members to the potential breakout signal in $TEAM, here an on our Weekly best ideas list video. $154 on the chart, traded up to $182, +17%this week since the alert.

5/04/20 at $154



3/18/20 Chart of the Day at $107, on the way to $164 in one week and $181 within 5 weeks.

4/10/20 at $124

4/24/20 $ZM +40% in 14 days, and posted a scale alert.

4/30/20 $ZM at 136, alerting of uptrend continuation, if the 50-day moving average holds, which it did, traded up to $162, +17%.

3/18/20 $107


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