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A Record Week For Blue Chip Daily Members

Updated 1/12/21:
As of now, Plug Power (PLUG) is up over 135% since it was posted to our Spec Ideas Buy List on 12/07/21 and it has been on the list since then. (see below)
PLUG is up 84% since it was posted to our 2021 Top 12 High Beta List in 1/02/21.

Out of 839 large cap stocks – 7 of the top 15 performers for the week were on our Buy Lists last Saturday, including the #1 performer. I put 28 large caps on 2 Buy Lists and 7 were in the top 15 performers for the week.

I posted 28 large caps total to 2 Buy Lists (Top 25 Stocks for 2021 and Top High Beta Ideas).




Read more here:

On Saturday, January 2, I published on the Blue Chip Daily Members Website our Best Ideas Lists for 2021, with an accompanying 37 minute video, where I outlined each stock chart on the list and a technical and trend overview of why it made the list. I also emailed the report to our Members and I posted a notice on my public Twitter page.

I included three Best Ideas Buy Lists,
because we have a very diverse Membership base with various time frames and objectives.

1. Top 25 Stocks for 2021 – a list of 25 large cap, Blue Chip, high volume, institutional level stocks, our core focus group stocks, diversified across most major S&P 500 sectors.

2. Top 12 High Beta Ideas List – 12 ‘high growth potential’ names (3 large caps, 9 mid caps) on a special Members page for those who specifically requested higher beta ideas.

3. Top 6 Recovery Ideas
– a list of 6 ‘turnaround’ ideas, mid to large cap stocks that were down 30% or more in 2020, but could have longer-term turnaround potential.

List 1:
Top 25 Stocks for 2021 

19 stocks were up for the week and 6 were down.

Top Buy List performers on the week were:
#1. Tesla (TSLA) and Albemarle (ALB) were both +24% on the week.
Note: I am long TSLA from 7/31 and it has been a regular name on our by list.

ALB went onto our Daily buy list on 12/23/20.


#2. Roku (ROKU) was +20%.
I am long ROKU from 8/31 and it has been a consistent name on our Top 25 weekly buy lists.

#3. Freeport McMoran (FCX) +19% I am long $FCX since 8/06/20
#4. +18%
#5. +13%
The symbols for #4 and #5 were omitted to preserve the value for our Members. You can see the full list and video here, if you join:

The bottom performer on the Top 25 list was -1.9% for the week.


List 2:

Top 12 High Beta Ideas List (3 large caps)
11 stocks were up for the week and 1 was down.

Top Buy List performers were:
#1. Plug Power (PLUG) +58% for the week.
PLUG was one of the first names on our ‘Spec Ideas List’ from 12/07 & 12/08 and has more than doubled from there.

2. CRSPR Therapeutics (CRSP) +26%
3. NIO Inc. (NIO) +20%.

The average return of the 11 stocks that were up on the week was +21.63% each.

The one stock that was down was -7% for the week.

As you can see below, 7 of our featured stocks were in the Top 15 performing large caps for the week.

7 of our 28 large cap Top Stock picks were in the Large Cap Top 15 performers for the week.

We have continued to put up this type of performance for Members on a consistent basis, and strive to find the best technical opportunities every day.



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