$NVDA +21% since our posted long entry on 4/14/20

I booked +20% gains in part of my long $NVDA position today and are holding the rest. In this blog and video I walk you through the entry screenshot, chart, mindset and how I have managed the position so far.

View the YouTube video here: 

4/13/20 Our Chart of the Day best idea

End of week chart from 4/9/20, the stock market was closed on 4/10/20.

4/13/20 Waiting for new $AMZN and $NFLX to start to work before adding more risk. Once they started to break out, that was the green light for a new position.


4/14/20 long just over 280.

4/17/20 monthly chart highlighted

5/15/20 $339.63, new all time high, +21% – scaled partial profits today

Since entry on 4/14

est idea

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