How much money would you have saved if you went to at least 50% cash in February 2022, before the stock market rolled over?

How much money would you have saved if you sold Netflix, Airbnb or Facebook stock before 50%+ declines?

We did both and alerted out subscribers in real time – to help them avoid major drawdowns in the markets and also book gains in the best performing sector in the stock market so far this year.

We follow a consistent rules-based process to help our subscribers participate in major uptrends but limit downside in bear markets and general downtrends. 

AD: Join today to get our current technical view on markets and to learn which stocks and sectors we are selling or avoiding and which we are building positions in.

AD: Also learn our best capital preservation ideas and how to limit losses in a down market and how to potentially profit as well.

1. We went to 50%+ cash on February 25 and have averaged 50-80% cash levels since then.


  • Our view has been that inflation would stay higher for longer.

2. We started to sell Airbnb (ABNB) in November 2021 at 196, and closed it at 170. It trades at 118 today.

  • We booked gains and sold Facebook (META) at 328 in October, it’s 146 today.
  • We booked gains and sold out of Affirm Holdings (AFRM) in November in the 120s – 130s, with no subsequent buys. It is 22 today.
  • We sold out of Sea Limited (SE) in December at 271, with no subsequent buys. It is 59 today.
  • In December, 2021, BEFORE many growth stocks had 50-70% declines, we let members know that we were moving out of many higher growth stocks and that they were being repriced (trend lower) by the market.