Calling the Tech Low in May 2021

The 10 posts below on our members Twitter page show how we helped Members to identify the lows in the late April/early May 2021 market pullback, including highlighting the lows in QQQ and ARKK in real-time.

I post updates on the Members Twitter feed consistently throughout the day, so the below posts are just a small sample of the actual content posted during this window.

5/14/21 Calling the exact low in the ARKK ETF. ARKK went +34.2% from here, in a 6-week period.

5/13/21 & 5/14/21 Highlighting oversold market conditions in QQQ at the exact lows.

5/11/21 Growth reversals
5/11/21 Tech improving

5/11/21 Tech strength.

5/12 Mega cap/tech alert.

5/14 Mega cap alert.

5/18/21 Growth stocks improving.

5/20/21 NVDA lows.

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