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Blue Chip Daily Delivers High Performance Results Again This Week

Blue Chip Daily and our Subscribers were positioned correctly for one of the biggest weeks of the year in stocks.

Many Stock market websites came into the past week advocating being short or 90-100% cash.
We were positioned correctly, at 17% cash and overweight leading technology and cyclical stocks.

  • We focus on a consistent process focused on intermediate to longer-term trends in high volume large cap stocks and select ETFs.
  • We avoid market calls and predictions, and avoid conversations about or giving opinions on politics.
  • We focus on our technical process and the charts.

**To maintain the value for our Members, the stock symbols and not disclosed below, only the weekly performance stats. Members have access to all position data 24/7 on our Member’s website.**

  • All positions long coming into 11/02/20.
  • 2 new positions taken mid to late in the week, both are profitable – not shown here.
  • 1 position was stopped, -12.8% on the week, after earnings – not shown, but accounted for here.
  • All are large caps, $10 Billion market cap or higher.
  • Top 3 leaders were SQ, ROKU and SE.
  • Open positions: 18/20 up
  • Best %: +27% +25 +18
  • Worst: -12 -1 +1
  • Avg: +10.6%
  • 7 new highs


BLUE CHIP DAILY – See the weekly performance for our Open Positions & Weekly Top 25 Buy List here

OPEN POSITIONS – Weekly performance

  • Posted 11/01/20 on our Members website and premium Twitter feed.
  • Diversified across 8 of 11 S&P 500 sectors – not just technology or high beta.
  • No stocks listed had earnings reports for the week.
  • 23 are large caps, 2 are mid caps.
  • Top 25 Buy List: 24/25 up
  • Best : +15% +14 +13
  • Worst: 0 +1 +2
  • Avg: +8.9%
  • 12 new highs














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