Probably one of the best investment services out there, most definitely the best value for money. Outstanding discipline in views, clear communication, and always focused on the risk-reward balance. Does not leave any ideas without any updates, so you are always aware of the current view on any ideas that have been shared in the past. Also shares enough of his thinking to allow subscribers to learn for themselves also and apply the principles to other investment opportunities.

I have a couple of suggestions that may improve the already considerable value that Larry provides:
1. Provide stop and entry-level suggestions on any chart that is shared (whether best ideas, focus etfs, or any other list). He does clarify that anything on a list is actionable, however these further details, at least on the stops, would make life a lot simpler.
2. Maybe share some of his portfolio actions in the past (rough bear markets of 99 and 08, and strong bull markets) which worked for him and what did not, and how his investment thinking and process evolved and changed as a result.
3. More opportunities to interact with him, at the moment I am not sure how one reaches out to him with a comment or query.

The above is not meant to take away from the great service that Larry provides. It is by far the best service I have used for my investments, and I have used several. Highly recommended and remain a very satisfied and happy subscriber.