I was initially alerted by twitter posts to Larry & Blue Chip Daily, and intrigued by the trend following based system. Having been a member for over a year now, I can tell you it is so much more than a simple trend following system!
If one pays attention to his daily market reviews, the wealth of instructional information is quite staggering.
Having watched and listened to every daily and weekly video, along with the additional periodic videos on specific market events, my appreciation of risk management, position sizing, stop positioning, entry and exit signals and set-ups has improved beyond belief – with a measurable and consistent effect on my trading.
In over 20 years of trading I have never been as consistent nor as profitable, and most importantly for me, is I understand WHY!
The lessons learnt and implemented and incorporated into my own style of trading have been transformational.
Truly an excellent service, delivered professionally and with a commitment that is inspiring!
Thoroughly and highly recommended.