I have watched Larry on Twitter and received the Sunday trade email for six months. I am always hesitant to pay for a service when there are so many free services, and I already pay for services through RBC Dominion.

I decided to give it a try and bought a one-month subscription to see behind the “curtain.” The quality and quantity of the services(I don’t know when Larry sleeps) is well worth the fees. So far, I have pulled the trigger on three trades. One up a little, one down a little and one way up – I know a month is not indicative of any true returns, but it is nice to see I have made much more so far than I paid for the subscription.

The decision whether I should pay for the full year and give it a real test was made yesterday when I had time to go into the archives and see how he dealt with the February/March 2020 time frame. It was impressive, and I do not doubt if I had this service, then I would have saved myself the 30% drop that took eight months to overcome.

I encourage others to take the one month test. M