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About Larry Tentarelli

Larry Tentarelli is the Publisher of the Blue Chip Trend Report. Larry has been actively involved in markets as a trader and investor since 1998 and was an advisor with Merrill Lynch 5 years, before making the move to manage and trade his own accounts.

Larry has been posting his market commentary, technical views, and stock and ETF ideas on Twitter since January of 2013, and currently has a following of over 76K people, including CNBC, Bloomberg, Barron’s, Investors Business Daily, the CME and many investment advisors, fund managers and financial journalists. Larry has been named “One of the Top 50 Twitter accounts for investors to follow” by CBS Marketwatch and one of the “Most Helpful Traders on Twitter”, in a broad-based Twitter poll.

Larry has also been interviewed by the CME, and a guest on a variety of financial podcasts, as a guest contributor for CBS Marketwatch, and quoted in the book “Trend Following”.

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About Blue Chip Daily

Blue Chip Daily Trend Report is an education and information company. We provide high quality daily content focused on large cap stocks and ETFs. We follow a rules-based process, based on price, moving averages and trend following strategies, with an intermediate to longer-term time frame. We do not do any type of day trading or swing trading at all. We have been posting charts and ideas, in real time on our Twitter page since January 2013.

Our focus is generally a 3-6 month time frame, or longer, based on how the charts and trends develop. We do publish a weekly high-beta list for Members who are looking for daily, actionable ideas. 

We focus on a price-based process, combined with a consistent approach to entries, exits, position sizing and risk controls. Our best technical ideas and charts, entries, exits, stops and position sizing are posted are posted daily on our premium Twitter feed and our Members website.

Our daily publication has an intermediate to longer-term focus on a diversified basket of global ETFs and large cap stocks. It is ideal for those who are trying to capture major trends in leading stocks and ETFs, yet who do not have the time or desire to look at a computer screen all day or trade very actively. It is ideal for intermediate to longer-term traders and investors who want to participate in major price trends, and as a key risk management tool.

Subscribers include position traders, longer-term investors, institutional money managers, portfolio managers, investment advisors, financial advisors, financial journalists and serious market participants interested in a clear, objective and comprehensive, technical and trend overview of major markets and stocks.

Our Process

We follow a rules-based technical approach to trading and investing, focused on price, which employs pre-defined entry, exit and position sizing rules to reduce discretion, bias, prediction and emotional involvement. Our view is that fundamental analysis does not necessarily provide any insights into the actual direction of market trends.

Our process is based on reactive, not predictive, price based technical analysis. We do not make any type of predictions or market calls, and believe that all publicly available data is captured by price. We avoid predictions, because a predictive approach allows one to develop directional biases and see what they “want to see”, which often prevents them from objectively following price. Trend identification is not the same as trend prediction.

Our content is for general educational and informational purposes only. We do not make any personalized recommendations, provide specific investment advice or make any performance guarantees. Please see our full Disclaimer.

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